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Napoleon Apartments are luxurious and spacious apartments in the historical center of St. Petersburg. The combination of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, classics and royal decorations will unveil the veil of secrets of the aristocratic life of the XIX century. The interiors are recreated based on the residences of the emperors of France. Classical luxury, magnificent decoration, antiques - all this will make you feel like a real emperor.

The history of the apartment begins in 1908. The house in which the apartments are located was built for the high-ranking employee of the Seaport of St. Petersburg by the architect S.G. Ginger. A spectacular house with a tower is the dominant intersection of Syezhinskaya and Bolshaya Pushkarskaya streets. The splendor of our halls (2 floors, an area of ​​600 sq.m.) will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of past centuries and enjoy the taste of aristocratic life. We keep the history of our city and welcome you.

For the most selected, we suggest staying at Napoleon Apartment,
there is everything for a good rest and privacy from unnecessary eyes.
Three unique Suites are at your service:
Silver (70 sq.m), Golden (70 sq.m) and Imperial (250 sq.m),
and also rent of the whole complex for any terms.

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Convenient location
Convenient location

We are located in the Historical center of Saint Petersburg within walking distance from the most famous sights of the city

Luxury is in the details
Luxury is in the details

Our guests will find spacious and comfortable rooms with unique interior solutions and authentic Antiques. The house where the apartments are located is a cultural heritage site

Comprehensive accommodation offers
Comprehensive accommodation offers

Napoleon Apartment offers a variety of accommodation conditions: from booking suites to full rental for any period

Impeccable service
Impeccable service

Private fleet of premium cars , gourmet kitchen and personal chef, Italian and French bed linen, Hermes cosmetics in the rooms

Hosting an event
Hosting an event

We are also a convenient venue for social events and business meetings, theme nights, holidays and professional photo shoots.

Personal approach to each guest
Personal approach to each guest

We offer: concierge services and the organization of your vacation, privacy and privacy of guests, private entrance to the Apartments, as well as provide an assistant, buyer, translator, driver and security

1nd floor

Front hall

The main hall is an ideal place for conferences, exhibitions, private business negotiations, presentations.
It is a lounge area for guests, a place for serving dinners and tastings, receptions.
The severity and luxury of the Main Hall will leave a lasting impression on you and your partners.

Golden Hall

The Golden Hall serves as a meeting place. Here we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner for our guests. The walls of the hall are made using gold leaf. The hall is full of interesting interior items: flowerpots made of marble, a hiking set of emperors of France of the 17th century with strong drinks, a modern stylish wine cabinet, royal armchairs, an antique mirror Napoleon Troyes, a statue of the Floating Girl of 1910, made of 5 types of marble, and other household items. .

The lounge is also ideal for private meetings, tastings, private nights for up to 6 people or a business breakfast. A round table in the center of the hall will unite any company and set a friendly meeting. Golden Hall - the face of the Apartments, setting a unique and individual tone. The capacity of the Front and Golden Halls is up to 35-40 people, depending on the format of the event.

Silver luxury

The silver suite is made in the Art deco style, which appeared in France in the 19th century. Distinctive features of the style are strict regularity, bold geometric shapes, patterns, luxury, chic, expensive materials, rare woods, silver and sophistication in every detail. The suite has a stove, preserved from the moment of building the house, which will warm you on a cold winter evening, as well as a comfortable double bed over which the wings of angels soar. The suite is equipped with modern appliances and custom-made furniture, which provides modern comfort.

2nd floor

Musical drawing room

This is an ideal place for a social evening . The gem of the living room is the current white Ernst Kaps Grand piano, manufactured by the Royal Saxony factory in Dresden. Ernst KAPS invented a particularly sensitive sound resonator, which gives the sound of the instrument softness, lightness and majestic nobility. The interior is designed in the Empire style . Special attention should be paid to the mirror from the furniture set of the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The luxury of details and objects in the living room will make a lasting impression on You and your guests .

Imperial Suite

The Imperial Suite is a combination of luxury, comfort and space. The Suite is recreated based on the residence of the French emperors. The space of the Suite is unique and includes a formal dining room , a small tea room , a dressing room , a study with access to the balcony, a fireplace, a bedroom, as well as a working oven, preserved since the construction of the house, the heat of which will warm You on a cold evening. The Suite includes two separate bathrooms, which adds comfort and variety to the guest's stay.

The main chord of the Suite is the sleeping bed of the French Queen Marie Antoinette. The bed is an independent masterpiece of the Apartment. It is made of expensive wood, where each element is a separate section of wood, made in a complex technique of mosaics.

Golden Lux

Golden Lux is designed in the style of Art Nouveau. The main feature of this style is smooth lines and curves. It is originated to be the style that imitates nature forms. The trademark of this guestroom is the unique handmade wall panel, which took pride of honor in the World catalog of monumental sculpture. Also there is an existing heating stove, preserved since the construction of the house.

Golden Lux is located on the 2d floor of NA and occupies 70 sq.m. It is fitted with modern technology and custom-built furniture, providing incredible comfort.

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